About Us

We at Vivada Corporation Ltd. are engaged in inland waterways and related business for more than four decades. The Kolkata-based Vivada Cruises (our cruising division) flaunts a fleet of vessels and barges, a range of water transport services.

We have also been offering the most luxurious and successful inland waterway cruise to Varanasi, lower Ganges and Sunderbans. However, in recent years lots of queries from our visitors have compelled us to go forward with the short river trips in Ganges and Day Cruises.

Cruising on the Ganges is very riveting owing to the fact that the banks on both sides of the river are impregnated with historical significance. Vivada Cruises brings for its guests exotic Ganges Cultural cruises and Sunderban cruises in luxury inland cruisers like M.V. Paramhamsa as well as fun cruising in smaller luxury cruisers like M.V. Ahalya and M.V. Millennium. We have also recently launched "The Auspicious " biggest vessel on Ganges river which capacity upto 1000 heads.

Our Mission and Reputation

Vivada Cruises has a mission to innovate the services in waterways in India and to sail the rough waters and explore new horizons. It is also our aim to achieve excellence in our services that we render with integrity and full sincerity.

Vivada Cruises is the largest inland waterways company in India and has been established in 1966 as Bunkerers to ocean going vessels. The main operations of Vivada Corporation Limited are being controlled from Kolkata - the metropolitan city, which is the main hub for Inland Water transport in National waterways 1 and National Waterways 2. Vivada Inland Waterways Ltd has made a name for itself through the path of Integrity, Innovation and Initiation. You can avail of our services and enjoy a jolly good time partying over the Ganges as well as enjoy the holiday options.