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You are about discover the most wonderful way to explore India...

No more bad roads, traffic jams , or travelling through heat and dust. Board the cruise ship, drop anchor at will, embark right into doorsteps of the monuments, temples, rustic towns. No more pack unpack, your intimate hotel, the river cruiser moves with you;

Be it the mansions in urban setting, monuments in ancient towns or the mangroves on the remote islands – unearth the daily life steeped in generations of abiding customs, rituals, beliefs and craftsmanship, which is reflected in the variety of folklores, music, weaving, pottery, foods and festivals.The river is a silent testimony to the immutable undercurrent of Indian Spirituality and Philosophy. Sourced from the Himalayas to the magnanimous delta of Sunderbans.., no river plays a more important role, religious, cultural, economic and social in the lives of the people than the River Ganges

Ever changing landscapes, smooth sailing, gourmet cuisine, carefully chosen excursions, well informed guides, live cultural shows in the evening, all this and more... truly an experience of a lifetime which we call ‘Experience Ganges’.
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