Daily Cruises

Vivada offers 4 cruises - Breakfast, Lunch, Sunset & Dinner.

It is said Day Cruises Calcutta or Kolkata as she is called now, grew along, this great River Ganges. From the time when Job Charnock dropped his first anchor at Cossim Bazzar to the modern monolithic bridge, the second Hooghly-Bridge, the winding river has woven itself around the lives of this city. A Cruise on the Ganges, will be the best way to explore the city.

There are 54 ghats (quayside) and all have great history and heritage. Some of them are Bathing ghats, Ceremonial ghats where rituals are performed and then the Ferry ghat which connects the two banks at various places. Many monuments, memorials and markets are there by the river side, to be explored & experienced.

Frequency: Daily
Cruiser: M.V. Millennium
Embarkation and Disembarkation: Vivada jetty, Millennium Park


    (8.30 am to 11.30 am) * Rs. 1000/- + 5% GST = 1050/- per person

    Early morning is the time when the ghats become alive with activities - masseurs, bathers, rituals, ferries carrying office goers between the two banks, boats carrying goods, the fisherman throwing their nets around. We will set sail from the Millennium Park under the magnificent Howrah Bridge towards Swami Vivekananda's Belur Math built in reverence to his Guru Sri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa.

    * Timings to vary according to tide


    (12.30 pm to 3.30 pm) * Rs. 1500/- + 5% GST = 1575/- per person

    What better way to make lunch more memorable than combining it with a cruise down the River Ganges? While you enjoy lunch we'll set sail from Millenium Park and after lunch you can sit back and relax in the tranquility.

    * Timings to vary according to tide


    (4.00 pm to 7.00 pm) * Rs. 1000/- + 5% GST = 1050/- per person

    As the sun sets, painting an evening sky with a hundred shades of red and orange, the Evening Cruise sails to Belur Math. Why not gather a group of like minded friends to enjoy a gentle cruise and serene evening.

    * Timings to vary according to tide


    (7.30 pm to 10.30 pm) * Rs. 1500/- + 5% GST = 1575/- per person

    With the lighted Howrah Bridges, bring in the magic of the evening. You will be welcomes on board with a warm smile and a drink. While sipping your drinks you will be swept away as you cruise through the nocturnal enchantment of the city's riverside heritage with soothing music.

    * Timings to vary according to tide

For booking please call : 9883933033

** Cancellation Policy : No refunds on confirm bookings.