Vivada Inland Waterways Limited is devoted to safeguard your privacy online. In order to make you understand about our disclaimer and privacy policy, we have posted certain important information to guide you with how we use information and this website www.vivadacruises.com. We consider your privacy to be a fundamental right, so our privacy policies are clear and open and are easily accessible.

We hope our privacy policy makes you understand clearly the way we use your private information or data. Our policy is fair and protects your privacy to the fullest online. Your feedback is important for us, so do write to us with suggestions, comment at vivadacruises@gmail.com

About our user privacy

  • Vivada Inland Waterways Limited will never willfully disclose any individually identifiable information about its clients to any third part.
  • If required in future for the benefit of our clients, we will disclose information about our clients only after getting their permission.

Collection, usage and secrecy of information

  • Vivada Inland Waterways Limited always collect personally identifiable contact information during registration process and booking.
  • The information collected includes details like name, address and e-mail address. These personally identifiable information collected may vary from time to time but is only collected for booking or registration purpose.
  • Your contact information is used with your permission to send promotional offers and news. We also use this information to inform you about your account with us even if you have opted out of promotional materials. These communications will essentially be discussions and not promotional.
  • Vivada Inland Waterways Limited may also collect other demographic information like age, preferences, employer and interests during the booking process. We use the information collected from you lawfully. Data collected from you is used to offer the best services and to process your order as well. Your credit card details are also not held for long. If you want, you can remove yourself from the list of marketing by contacting us at vivadacruises@gmail.com
  • The information we hold will be accurate. You can check it emailing us and tell us if there is any inaccuracy. All your personal information will be retained according to our internal security policy and the law.